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18 January, 2017

AFS Charity Partners

Following discussions in the weekly team meetings it was decided that 2017 would be a good time to extend the charities supported by AFS.  After much discussion all AFS staff members were asked to nominate a charity they would like to support and then agree together how we should support each organisation.

The target was – something local, something regional and then something with a wider, international perspective.

The charities of choice are:

Yorkshire Air Ambulance.  Chosen because Becky’s father-in-law had recent cause to be very grateful of their services when he was ‘taken out’ by a bull!!





Herriot Hospice.  Based in Northallerton Herriot Hospice is the local hospice to AFS, they have supported a number of people known by AFS staff at a very difficult time in their lives.


MAF ( Mission Aviation Fellowship).  They provide an amazing service across several continents flying into the most difficult places.  MAF have been supported personally by an AFS team member for many years.


Human Care Syria.  Given the enormous needs in Syria at the moment we wanted to reach out a hand to an organisation working with children in that country.  Their mission is to deliver aid to those who need it most in an efficient and effective way without prejudice to people’s religion, sex, age or ethnic background.

You can find out more on all of these charities by clicking a link on the images above:


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