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Abrasives Basics
25 April, 2017

Carbide Burrs: How Can I Make The Right Choice?

Choose right carbide burrThe beauty about the Abrasive Finishing Systems range of Carbide Burrs is that you can do so much with them.  Are you looking to get rid of machining marks?  Maybe you are wanting to rip metal away with no regard to the finish? Perhaps you want to refine a hole within a workpiece?  

Diamond Cut Carbide Burr for Hard Metals

The Abrasive Finishing range of carbide burrs is made up of two distinctly different burr cut types, which makes it very straightforward to understand what you need.  Diamond Cut and Fluted Cut.

Get the right cut pattern and all you then have to worry about is using the right shaped burr for your application.

With 11 different shape profiles and a range of diameters, we are confident that you will find the right carbide burr for your task.  So which cut type do you need?

Diamond Cut Carbide Burrs
  • Diamond cut burrs have a large number of small cutting edges which make them ideal for use on any ‘hard’ material surface.
  • Use diamond cut burrs on metals such as steel, stainless steel and titanium
  • The diamond cut burr ensures rapid, low vibration cutting
  • Ideal for getting rid of machine marks
Fluted Cut Carbide Burrs
  • For use on non ferrous metals, woods and plastics
  • The open fluted cut face aids fast swarf removal on soft materials such as aluminium and soft plastics
How can I tell the difference?

It is easy to differentiate between the two types of carbide burrs we offer.

Visually, the Fluted Cut carbide burrs have a more distinctive face with clear cuts on the burr. The Diamond Cut has more cutting area on the burr as it is used on hard metals.

If you still aren’t 100% sure about the type of carbide burr you are looking at, simply look at the last digit on the product code on the AFS website.

If the code ends in a 3 then you are looking at the fluted cut carbide burr, whereas if the product code ends in a 6 you are in our diamond cut burrs.  Easy as that!

      Fluted Cut                                                      Diamond Cut

Fluted cut carbide burr for non ferrous metal and woods                                    Diamond Cut Carbide burr for stainless steel and hard metals

Diamond Cut Burr in Action:

Fluted Cut Burr in Action:

When would I use my burrs?

There are so many jobs that carbide burrs can be used for, just remember to work with the correct type!

  • Descaling a piece of metal
  • Removing/stripping metal where the finish isn’t important
  • Removing machining marks
  • Adding detail to wood carvings (Fluted Cut)

Perhaps you are looking to complete more than one of these jobs?  We know that one burr will not work for every job you have, this is why we have put together two Carbide Burr sets, one for diamond cutt burrs and one for fluted cut burrs.  We have you covered and you can work knowing you have the correct burr for each job.

Alternatively, if you are not sure which burr will give you the best end result, our kits allow you to experiment with different burrs before moving over to your work piece.  The choice is yours.

Hints and Tips
  • Perhaps the most obvious tip… Ensure you have the correct carbide burr for your material!
  • One burr doesn’t fit all!  The burrs are different shapes to help you on any workpiece
  • Free UK shipping on all carbide burr orders

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