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11 January, 2018

Ceramic Flap Discs: Perfect For Woods

Did you know that ceramic flap discs are excellent on woods? If you are a regular flap disc user you will know that the Cibo Ceramic Flap Discs are fantastic when grinding stainless steel, steel and other hard metals but they are also excellent on a variety of woods.

When working on wood, ceramic flap discs provide faster, cooler cutting and increased life span (minimum of 3x life) when compared to premium zirconia flap discs. Take a look at what happened when our neighbours from Wilkinson’s Joinery wanted a solution for removing their band saw marks.

When removing band saw marks from wood, more specifically in this case on green oak for doorway lintels, it is important that the marks are removed without damaging the surface below. Therefore we were convinced that our ceramic flap discs would do the trick.

In the video below the FTF 40 grit 125mm ceramic flap discs provided enough aggression to remove the band saw marks whilst leaving a neat, consistent and controlled finish on the workpiece.

Using the flat Cibo Ceramic flap discs allows the operator to work at a very shallow angle which reduces the risk of digging in to the oak.  And with the grinding aids there was no reason to be worried about the disc clogging up, it would take a lot more than green oak to make the ceramic flap disc ineffective!

Another important factor when supplying the correct product for Mark and his team was the speed of cut the ceramic flap discs would provide on the wood.  No one wants to be stood grinding for hours on end, you can see below how easy it was for Wilkinson’s to remove the band saw marks from the lintels.

Another choice you have when working with ceramic flap discs is whether you need a flat or conical shaped disc.

In the above case study, the choice was simple. Very light stock removal meaning the band saw marks could be easily removed without damage to the wood underneath, and working on a flat surface, the flat flap disc was the obvious choice.

Conical flap discs such as the FHCC flap discs from Cibo are great when you need to remove lots of material, quickly whilst still leaving a consistent finish on your workpiece, they are particularly good when working on hard metals. You can read about our FHCC flap discs here.


Before                                                                                                                                   After

green oak from the sawmill

green oak sanded with 40 grit ceramic disc









As I’m sure you’ll agree, the flat ceramic flap discs (FTF’s in this case) did a really nice job of removing the band saw marks and leaving a neat, consistent finish. The discs did not grind into the wood and cause damage, it simply did what was expected.

In the past, stripping discs or even grinding discs may have been used to do similar jobs but the results would be incomparable.

Switching over to ceramic flap discs not only improves the quality of your job, but from a safety point of view, noise and vibration damage is significantly reduced. From a practical and cost point of view, using the Cibo ceramic flap discs can help you become more efficient and effective when working on hard woods.

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