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04 August, 2017

Cibo Abrasives Unitised Range Update

Cibo unitised abrasivesWho are Cibo Abrasives?

Based between Antwerp and Brussels in Belgium, Cibo Abrasives are one of the most technically innovative and professional manufacturers of nonwoven and coated abrasive products.  Many of the latest advances in stainless steel sanding and polishing have come from Cibo.  Products such as the Rapid Combi Discs, the Trizact grip systems and fillet weld grinding tools developed using unitised abrasive discs.  Today Cibo continue to innovate.

Bringing the unitised abrasive manufacturing ‘in house’ has allowed Cibo Abrasives not only to guarantee the quality and consistency of production but has also enabled the development of new and exciting products which will continue to push metal finish systems forward.

What are Unitised Abrasives?FA3 T32 unitised abrasive disc

In very simple terms unitised abrasives are made from a continuous open web nylon material which is impregnated with resin and abrasives.  The wide difference in the unitised performance characteristics comes from changes to the fleece structure, the various resin systems and the type and grade of abrasive used in each product.  What it all means is that Cibo will remain at the abrasives finishing edge for many more years to come.


Cibo Abrasives Launch Four New Unitised Product Families

With the continuing innovation and product development Cibo have now created four distinct product families, each with their own particular characteristics.

FA Unitised Range:

FA products have a soft and very flexible action combined with an open structure which adds a whole new dimension to unitised abrasive finishing.

  • Use the FA4 unitised products for paint stripping and coating removal

    FA Unitised discs from Cibo Abrasives

  • Use the FA3, FA4 or FA5 for structural finishing and weld discolouration removal.
  • The FA3 & FA4 wheels are particularly good for getting into corners to remove stainless steel weld discolouration

Tooling options….

  • Type 27 Grinder discs (FAG 115mm and 125mm)
  • spindle mounted wheels(FAUS)
  • discs (50 to 200mm)
  • Lockit & Socatt quick change

SA Unitised Range:  

If you have worked with Cibo unitised abrasives then you will already be familiar with the grey SA5, SA6 and SA7 materials.   SA5 is great for removing scratches and damage on your metal workpiece to leave a pre-polished finish on stainless steel.

  • Use the SA5 material for light deburring, scratch removal and pre-polishing

    SA5T31 unitised abrasive discs

  • Use the SA6 material for tig weld removal on aluminium and non-ferrous metals
  • Use the SA7 material for removal of fine tig welds

Tooling options….

  • Type 27 Grinder discs (SAG)
  • Spindle mounted wheels(SAUS)
  • Spindle mounted points (SAUS)
  • Discs (50 to 200mm) (SA)
  • Lockit (QLSA) & Socatt (QSSA) quick change

MA Unitised Range:

More aggressive than the SA unitised products and with a slightly coarser finish the MA family have the same conformability options but the MA family also adds a whole new range of products.

  • Use the MA5 if you like the SA5 but would like a little more of a satin finish in the metal

    MA6T31 unitised abrasive disc

  • Use the MA8 to replace the SA8 in all applications for tig weld removal

Tooling options….

  • Type 27 Grinder discs (MAG)
  • Spindle mounted wheels (MAUS)
  • Spindle mounted points
  • Discs (50 to 200mm)
  • Lockit (QLMA) & Socatt (QSMA) quick change

TA Unitised Range:  

An evolution of the new high aggression Cibo ‘red discs’.   Where speed of cut is needed and a good finish is still required.

  • Use TA9 where a heavier weld build leaves the SA8 wearing a bit too quickly

    TA10T30 unitised abrasive discs

  • Use TA10 where there is a lot more weld build and high aggression Tig weld removal is needed.  It will still leave a surprisingly fine 150 / 180 grit finish on the metal.  The high aggression means that mig weld grinding and finishing is now a great option with TA10.

Tooling options….

  • Type 27 Grinder discs (TAG)
  • Spindle mounted points (TAUS)
  • Discs (50 to 200mm) (TA)

Which New Unitised Products Do I Need To Try?

On Angle Grinders:  Try the unitised…

  • MAG/6/115 or MAG/6/125 if you want to do some weld shaping or edge deburring and need to leave a clean finish. When the SAG discs don’t remove enough metal.
  • MAG/5/115 or MAG/5/125 for cleaning and scratch removal where you need to blend with a fine satin finish. Similar to SAG/5 but with a faster and a little coarser finish.
  • FAG/4/115 or FAG/4/115 if you need to remove paint from steel or aluminium panels. Similar to ‘stripping discs’ but with a much finer finish.

On Drills & Straight Grinders:  Try the unitised…

  • FAUS wheels in whatever size and shape you need. We have included a simplified range of products in our initial stock offering:  FAUS grade 3 in sizes 50 x 25 x 6mm, 80 x 25 x 6mm and 80 x 50 x 6mm.  FAUS grade 4 in sizes 50 x 25 x 6mm, 80 x 25 x 6mm and 80 x 50 x 6mm.  When Tex / TS wheels wear out too quickly.

On Fillet weld grinders:  Try the unitised….

  • MA/5/T31 to replace the SA/5/T31 for weld discolouration removal leaving a fine satin finish
  • MA/8/T30 and MA/8/T31 to directly replace SA/8 discs
  • TA/10/T30 (4mm wide) and TA/10/T31 (6mm wide) for high aggression fillet weld grinding.
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