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15 March, 2018

Combi Unitised – New Product Launch @ Mach 2018

What Are Combi Unitised Abrasives?

As the name suggests Cibo’s new patented product is a combination of two unitised abrasives. One firmer, more aggressive disc sandwiched between two softer discs so that you can easily remove welds and dress the surface to such a standard that you can mirror polish the surface straight away.

Due to increased grinding capabilities and aggression, coupled with the time saved not switching discs, the 2 in 1 finishing combi disc works up to 30% faster than current processes.

Why Choose Combi Unitised?

Previously, removing a weld and applying a high quality, consistent finish was a minimum two step process. The GA range of unitised from Cibo Abrasives changes the game.

The innovative Combi Unitised discs fit on to the Finit Easy or other fillet weld grinders in exactly the same way as the current range of unitised discs. The big difference though is that the Combi Unitised disc improves productivity and allows you to go straight to the finish.

box section finishing with combi unitised abrasives

Cibo Abrasives first developed the use of unitised abrasive discs for fillet weld grinding around 15 years ago resulting in a much faster process for inside box section and internal tube weld grinding and finishing. Now Cibo are leading the field again with single stage Combi Unitised range:

  1. Remove the weld using an aggressive unitised disc
  2. Switch the discs over whilst you watch the clock ticking away….
  3. Use the softer unitised disc to refine the surface finish and blend your workpiece

If you are currently only using one unitised disc for your application, then there is no reason to change your process. Sadly the GA range is not for you.

However, if you are regularly using more than one grade of disc for finishing your welds, for example MA/8 for weld removal followed by a disc for blending and improving the finish such as the SA/5 then the Combi Unitised is going to improve your process further. No more wasting time switching between discs. Just a 30% increase in productivity.

The GA Combi Unitised RangeGA Cibo Combi Unitised Abrasives For Weld Seam Removal

At the heart of the disc is an aggressive abrasive centre with a softer unitised material either side to make internal tube and inside box section work quicker and easier than ever. We supply discs in three different densities in a 150mm diameter:

GA6 – Removes light welds and provides an extremely fine finish in one hit. Our recommended first choice for aluminium.

GA7 – Provides more aggression to remove tougher welds whilst providing a high quality finish

GA8 – The most aggressive centre section, removing heavier tig welds yet still allows you to produce a surface ready for mirror polishing in one action

What Else Can Combi Unitised Do?

Cibo have developed the GA discs to improve productivity when removing and finishing welds but this is a new product. Don’t be restricted by our limited experience. We know it will improve productivity when weld finishing but what else can it do?

Combi Unitised will of course leave an excellent finish when used on it’s side but what about cleaning and rust removal? Cleaning out steel welds? Or in non-ferrous applications? Cleaning out channels in a maintenance environment? New products give lots of opportunity to experiment and create new solutions. Feel free to contact AFS if you believe you have had ‘a good idea’. Our abrasive knowledge conbined with your wealth of experience might be just what your business needs to solve that niggly issue…

Hint and TipsFlexible GA Combi Unitised Disc For Weld Seam Removal and Finishing

As always there are a few helpful pointers when using the GA combi range:

  1. For best performance run at 3,000 rpm. Too fast results in premature wear, too slow you run the risk of bouncing
  2. When grinding the weld, work at a 45° angle, with low pressure on the weld
  3. Ensure only the sides of the disc are used when cleaning and blending the surface


We will be launching and demonstrating the new Cibo Combi Unitised discs at Mach 2018 – 9 – 13 April. Come see us on stand H20-860 for a free sample and get straight to the finish with Combi Unitised.

Combi Unitised For Grinding and Polishing

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