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19 April, 2018

Combi Unitised: Straight To The Finish

Removing internal welds to leave a surface ready for mirror polishing, in one action?

In the past removing a weld on internal tubes was a minimum two step job. An aggressive disc to remove the weld and then a softer disc to blend the surface. This is a time consuming process.

Cibo Abrasives have changed the game. Get straight to the finish with Combi Unitised.

Process: Begin by grinding the weld with the disc at a 45° angle to the weld. Once the weld is removed, use the sides of the disc to blend the join.
Machine: Cibo FinitEasy
Speed:  3,000 rpm.
Product:  GA Combi Unitised Discs

Background Info

Cibo Abrasives, based in Belgium are a very innovative, forward thinking player in the Abrasives industry, constantly striving for ways to improve and be the front runner of new products. The current Rebel One Unitised range has already paved the way to increased control and higher quality finishing and the entire range of unitised discs are produced in house by Cibo, which ensures full control over the production process.

GA Combi Unitised Removing a Weld Seam and Finishing in One.

The brand new patented Combi Unitised has raised the bar once again creating the perfect finish, in one hit.

Combi Unitised is a unique, patented combination of two grades of unitised discs. Firstly, there is a harder, more unitised disc which allows you to get into a corner and remove a weld. Then, there are softer, unitised discs either side which allow you to quickly apply a high quality, uniform finish on your workpiece by using the face of the combi disc.

The softer properties of the outside of the combi unitised give you maximum control and you can work knowing it will not dig in to your metal.

Benefits of the New Process

1. Increase Speed and Productivity – Combi Unitised is a one step finishing process. Combining two discs means no time consuming discs changes are required, allowing you to work up to 30% faster.

2. High Quality Finishing – Using Combi Unitised allows you to quickly remove a weld and go straight to the finish in one action. With Combi Unitised it is possible to finish your workpiece so you can go straight to a mirror polish with the next step.

3. Cost – The most obvious cost saving is the fact that you now only have to buy one disc instead of two in order to remove a weld. Take a look at our MACH 2018 Promotions page where you can get 30% off the Combi Unitised discs!

Hints & Tips

GA Range of Combi Unitised1. Speed. 3,000 rpm is the perfect speed. If running faster, the disc will perform but it will wear away quicker and the full benefit will not be realised. Running slower than 3,000 rpm increases the risk of the disc bouncing and losing control over your workpiece.

2. Angles. As mentioned earlier, work at 45° when grinding the weld, moving slowly over the weld seam until it has been ground away. Remember not to exert too much pressure on the workpiece, as this would increase heat development on your workpiece.

3. Flexibility. The GA Combi Unitised offers a great deal of flexibility so once you have removed the weld, use the sides of the disc to apply a finer finish to your workpiece.

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