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08 January, 2016

Deburring steel thread video added to AFS website


Videos showing how to deburr steel threads without damaging the thread are two of the latest videos to be added to thee Abrasive Finishing Systems website.  The videos were prepared by Cibo Abrasives and use their SA5 unitised wheels on a straight drive shaft to remove swarf from the thread and leave a clean, burr free finish.

You can be confident that the SA5 unitised wheels will remove the burrs and leave a clean thread in one action without damaging the intended form.


Products used in the video:

75mm diameter SA5 wheel, 6mm wide with a 6mm arbour:  SA/5/T21

75mm diameter SA5 wheel 13mm wide with a 6mm arbour:  SA/5/T212

The ideal mandrel to run the SA5 wheels:  MH/S2 mandrel with a bell end fixing

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