Friday Training – Finimaster Pro

Friday Training Finimaster pro
Friday Training Finimaster pro

In our last Friday Training of 2016, we have picked up the Finimaster Pro from our demo room and attached the abrasive belt from the Finimaster Pro Set 2 to satin polish a stainless steel tube.

We attached the A Coarse belt to the Rubber Drive Wheel (FMSBM/1) Finimaster Pro the belt gave our stainless steel tube a really nice 240 grit finish.  For the best results, it is essential you work slowly and carefully, keeping the belt in the centre of the drive wheel as much as possible.

Want a 320 grit finish?  Use the A Fine belt which provides the workpiece with a 320 grit finish.

satin finishing stainless steel tube from finimaster pro
Stainless Steel tube after the A Coarse belt.

A key feature of the Finimaster Pro is the innovative rotating head which allows for easier access and controlability on your work piece, the rotating head is extremely handy when working with the belts.  The Finimaster Pro also allows for a full 360 degree blending, meaning an equal finish across the workpiece is guaranteed.

The rotating head is especially useful for site work.  For example when giving the finishing touches to a hand rail whch has been fitted to the wall you may only have a small area in which to work, this is where the Finimaster Pro comes into a league of its own.

Hints and Tips:

  1. Keep belt under tension and keep as central as possible on the rubber wheel
  2. Work on the product nice and slow, don’t rush!

And finally…

Use the Inoxi-Clean spray as a last step to ensure your workpiece has no dirt or impurities.

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