Friday Training – Handpads

Friday Training Handpads
Friday Training Handpads

Recently at AFS we have had a number of customers asking us which Tex/ “Scotchbrite” Handpad we would recommend for their job.  So Friday Training this morning consisted of having a play with the Cibo range of handpads!

Medium S Tex Handpad with Grain
Medium S Tex Handpad with Grain

Ultra Fine  Mostly used as keying for lacquers, generally too fine for most metals. We tested this on stainless steel for comparison purposes but this is designed for fine finishing lacquers

Very Fine A Strong – The most common handpad, the best for weld discolouration and finer satin finishes (320 Grit and finer)

General Purpose – As the name suggests! Handpad for various scenarios and everyday use.

Super Cutting – 80 grit abrasive pad, strong fleece structure with greater tension and longer life.  Ideal for removing rust

Medium A – Strong product, much like the Medium S handpad however does not cut as fast

Medium S – The fastest cutting handpad as well as providing the brightest finish. Strong handpad with an open structure.  A sharp, bright finish, which is why we recommend this for leaving a 240 grit satin finish

If you have any further questions, or you aren’t sure which handpad is best for you, please do get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to assist.

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