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09 December, 2016

InoxiClean Foam – Mirror Polish Cleaner

For Friday Training this week at AFS we concentrated on the cleaning of mirror polished surfaces with ‘InoxiClean Foam’.

If you need to clean dirty, tired and tarnished mirror polished surfaces then the InoxiClean Foam is ideal.  FOAMIC works on any mirror polished metal surface including stainless steel, brass and copper.  The Foam removes any surface tarnish to leave a clean bright finish without scratching the surface.

Important:  Ensure you use a clean, soft and lint free cloth (harsh textiles can scratch mirror polished surfaces.  Use Inoxiclean Foam in preference to the InoxiClean spray (featured in last week’s training) when working on mirror polished surface.

This process is extremely easy and takes a matter of seconds.

1) Spray Inoxiclean Foam onto the area you wish to clean.

InoxiClean Mirror Polishing Foam InoxiClean Stainless Steel

Ensure the surface to be clean has a good covering.  Then it is helpful to give the active agents in the FOAMIC spray a few seconds to act before wiping off.

2) Wipe the foam from the surface with a soft, clean and dry cloth.

InoxiClean Foam Wipe Off Stainless Steel

The Foam will remove any dirt and impurities, including surface spots to lift the lustre of the metal surface and reveal the full glory of the original mirror polished metal surface.

inoxiclean foam for cleaning mirror polished metal

If your mirror polished metal has been scratched in any way and you wish to re-polish it then you can check out several other blog articles in the Metal Polishing section of our blog.

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