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29 June, 2015

Inoxiclean Restore Makes The Lloyds Building Shine Again

Principle Cleaning Services are the prime contractor for cleaning services at Lloyds of London.  After testing all the key products in the market place Principle Cleaning Services have decided that there is only one product they want for removing stains and tarnish from stainless steel surfaces.  Both inside and out.

Lloyds of London Image Portfolio Feb2011Inoxiclean Restore is designed to make the cleaning and removal of rust from stainless steel a simple, clean and environmentally friendly process without scratching the surface.

Given the exacting standards expected by clients and staff working in The Lloyds Building only the best is good enough and tarnished and contaminated stainless steel is certainly not acceptable.  Jason Boyce, Contract Manager for Principle Cleaning Services at The Lloyds Building said ‘Inoxiclean Restore is very simple to use, we just spray it on, agitate the surface and leave it to do it’s work.  And it doesn’t cause any potentially dangerous mist like some other products we tested‘.

To make it easy for people to get know Restore, Cibo supply Restore in a handy tub which contains a 500ml spray bottle plus a pack of non-abrasive pads a pad holder and two different cloths so you are ready to go.

And whether you are needing to remove rust from your stainless steel bollards, restore the finish in your kitchen or remove tarnish from The Lloyds Building Abrasive Finishing Systems can supply it in the right pack quantity for your needs.

For more information on Inoxiclean Restore you can go to the Restore pages on our website.

 Lloyds of London Image Portfolio Feb2011  Lloyds of London Image Portfolio Feb2011  Lloyds of London Image Portfolio Feb2011

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