Mig Seam Weld Removal Trial for Milk Tankers

A local company who specialise in the manufacture of milk and other road tankers recently asked if we could improve their finishing process for their weld seams. 

The seams are continuously welded and are therefore very neat but for speed and efficiency they  have switched to MIG welding.  Although the mig welding is very fast it leaves a much higher weld bead that needs to be removed (see welded and finished test panel in the image below).

Step 1:    For spee20150416_081851d we removed the weld with our FTC 40 grit ceramic flap discs on the Finipower variable speed grinder being careful to leave the smallest trace of weld to be ground in step 2.

Step 2:  We switched to the FX 80 grit ceramic fibre discs which removed the remaining weld seam easily without leaving any significant damage on the metal surface without creating any undercut in the surface.

Step 3:  This alloFinimaster Brush Finishing with Tex Wheelwed us to go directly to the 337DC, A300 Trizact belts on the Cibo Finimaster.  The Trizact belts leave a fantastic consistent grain finish which we can blend very lightly in the final step.

Step 4:  A simple blend over the surface with the FMTM/80 combination wheel and the job was complete. To leave a smooth consistent finish which will stand even the harshest of scrutiny.

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