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21 November, 2016

New:Extra Long Spindle Tungsten Carbide Burrs

Having received lots of enquiries for extra long spindles on our range of Tungsten Carbide Burrs here is the AFS response.  Our new range of extra long carbide burrs.  Available in 8, 10mm & 12mm diameters, the burrs are mounted on a 150mm spindle.

Extra long spindle carbide burrs from Abrasive Finishing Systems

Access won’t be an issue anymore as all the new burrs have a 150mm shank giving a total reach of over 160mm.  Moreover we have specified the diamond cut head to ensure a great cut and lifetime in the toughest of applications.  With the same high quality performance expected from the current AFS carbide burr range, the new extra long shank carbide burrs are excellent for use on wood carvings, plastics and automotive engineering.

Extra Long Burr Shapes available:

Newly added to the range in 2020 is the ‘N’ shape inverted cone carbide burr:

Need to grind under an edge?  The inverted cone allows you to grind a bevel on the back face of your carvings or metal fabrication.

Where Would I use Extra Long Carbide Burrs?

The most common request for longer burrs came from two markets in particular.

  1. Wood carvers commonly need access into long, or deep holes which need shaping out.  With an extra 60mm of reach then the new burrs have made the carvers job much easier.
  2. Motor Sport.  The second area where access was a particular problem was in engine repair applications where it is often necessary to re-weld a cracked head but then there is a need to dress out and re-shape the welded area.  Feedback we have received from the motor sport fraternity is that the extra long shank burs do precisely what they need.
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