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02 July, 2018

Popular Satin Polishing Machine Wheels & Brushes

A simple guide to the most popular wheels to use on the satin polishing drum sander machines when sanding and finishing stainless steel.

In order of aggression:

To remove deep scratches or put a good and consistent grain finish on mill scale stainless steel

There is only one serious option.  With the development of the new Cibo Ceramics ‘Ginger Ninja’ wheel which will cut and finish faster than any previous combi wheel  (Part no:  FMCAC/60/100100).  The FMCAC wheels have a high cut rate with the Cibo Ceramics P60 abrasive cloth interleaved with a high strength tex fleece.  The combination ensures a good, consistent finish throughout the life of the wheel.

Helpful tip:  The speed of cut available with the ‘Ginger Ninja’ means that you can reduce the number of stages required to achieve a finish and is replacing the need to use abrasive belts and sleeves in many applications.

To remove P80 sanding disc marks

The Cibo ‘Ginger Ninja’ is the only combination wheel on the market that will remove P80 sanding marks and leave a good grain finish (Part no:  FMCAC/60/100100).  To remove and  finish a weld in a 2-stage process first use the Cibo FX P80 ceramic sanding discs to remove the tig weld then remove the sanding lines and put a brush finish directly on top with the FMCAC C60 combi wheel.

Helpful Tip:  To reduce finishing time align the disc sanding marks in the direction of the final grain finish required.

To refine P80 grit abrasive belt sanding lines

Both the P80 and P180 combi  / interleaved keyway brushes will refining sanding belt marks effectively but the most popular wheel is the 80 grit combi wheel (Part no: FMCA/80/100100).  The P80 will leave a high quality 240 grit brush finish and the P180 combi wheels will leave a 320 grit brush finish on the stainless steel.

Blending previous sanding belt marks to leave a soft satin finish

Whilst the whole range of tex / scotchbrite keyway brushes can be used for this we recommend the P80 and P180 tex brushes for this application (Most popular:  FMTA/80/100100).  The scotchbrite brushes are not designed to remove lots of metal but they will blend the sanding lines left from an abrasive belt to leave a much more consistent and burr free finish.

Blending & Deburring a belt finish without changing the grain pattern of the belt finish

One of our favourite wheels is the 600 grit silicon carbide wheel (Part no:  FMTA/600/100100).  The 600 grit scotchbrite wheel will deburr the surface without changing the pattern created by the abrasive belt.  Ideal if you want to create a lovely soft touch and blend the surface back in with original 240 grit sheet.

Polishing stainless steel to a bright polished finish

Use the sisal keyway polishing brush for pre-polishing (Part no:  FMSS//100100) and the ventilated cotton wheel for the final polishing process (Part no:  FMPR//100100).  Sisal and cotton mops work well on the keyway drum sanders when polishing sheet stainless steel.  Use them in combination with the Cibo PV/101 and PV/102 polishing soaps to leave a clean, bright finish.

Which machines will fit the Cibo Finimaster wheels?

The 19mm keyway wheels and brushes are designed to fit the Cibo Finimaster Basic machine.  In addition you can also use the Cibo combi and tex drum sander wheels on the following machines:  Metabo drum sander, PTX, Flex and Fein plus a range of other machines.

Note:  This guide is for wheels with a 19mm key shaft fixing only.  For M14 thread fixing wheels please visit the Cibo Finimaster Pro wheels page.

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