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05 October, 2017

Removing Stainless Steel Scratches and Damage with an Angle Grinder

If you only want one polishing disc which should you buy? The Cibo SAG grade 5. In our view it is the one essential product to have in the stainless steel fabricator’s toolbox.

Why? We call it our ‘get out of jail free disc’ because it can solve so many finishing problems. Particularly on stainless steel and non-ferrous metals

Scratched Your Satin Finish?

Use the SAG/5 to remove the scratches and leave a finer finish which can be easily blended back with some tex / scotchbrite sheets, strips or wheels.  All the products for this process are readily available in the Cibo Time Saving Kit Set 3.

Scratched a Mirror Polished Surface?

Still the SAG/5 is the ideal product.  The SAG/5 will remove all but the deepest scratches (it is particularly important to do this with a variable speed grinder) and then leave a surface which is fine enough to re-polish again.  All the products for this process are readily available in Cibo Time Saving Kit Set 6.

Need to Remove Weld Discolouration?

And as you can see in the video above the SAG/5 will remove the weld discolouration from tig welding, cleanly and simply without taking away the weld.

Finally:  Does Speed Matter?

Yes it does, particularly on stainless steels and non-ferrous metals, where it is particularly helpful to keep the heat out of the metal and out of the abrasive.  Ideally we recommend that they run at around 3 – 4,000rpm for optimum use but they will run safely on a standard 11,000rpm grinder.  Running at a higher speed you will sacrifice some disc life and will find it helps to work at a lower pressure.

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