DUO – Flat Bed & Centreless Abrasive Belt Grinder

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Flat bed abrasive belt width 150mm.  Max tube diameter 3" / 76.2mm

The Garboli DUO flat bed sander with the option for an integrated centreless tube polishing module is one of the most flexible machines on the market.  Ideal for the stainless steel fabricator who needs to sand and polish flat box section and stainless steel tube.
1 Machine: 2 Processes on a 1m2 footprint.

Process 1: Sanding graining and polishing box section and flat strip up to 150mm wide

At the heart of the Duo machine is a 2m abrasive belt with a medium hard rubber contact wheel above a through feed conveyor.  Feed the box section along the powered feed belt to give a consistent controlled grain / satin finish, and with abrasive belts readily available from 36 grit to 2000 grit the finish options are endless.  The feed speed of the conveyor can be varied between 1 and 10m per minute giving the operator total control of the grinding and finishing process.

Options for the grinding process

1.  Integrated wet feed cooling and filtering

2.  2 speed or variable speed control

3. Air blowers (remove excess water from the finished grinding surface)


Process 2:  Centreless tube grinding and polishing (optional)

The centreless tube polisher is mounted on the side of the abrasive belt and by reversing the belt direction the Garboli DUO has the capability to grind and satin finish tubes from 10mm to 89mm in diameter.  

Options for the centreless process:

1.  Variable speed inverter

2. Small tube feed system

N.B.  It may be possible to add the centreless module as a separate purchase but if that is required then the wiring needs to be installed during original manufacture.

Abrasive belt dimensions 2000 x 150mm

Customer Material Specification (flat surface graining and satin finishing):
Minimum height = 1mm
Maximum height = 100mm
Minimum width  = 10mm
Maximum width  = 150mm
Minimum length = 160mm
Maximum length = 6000mm

Customer Material Specification (centreless tube polishing and satin finishing):
Minimum tube diameter  = 10mm (n.b. additional attachment needed for centreless tube process)
Maximum tube diameter = 3" /76.2mm
Minimum tube length     = 20mm
Maximum tube length   = 3000mm

Feed belt speed 1 to 10 m/min
Abrasive Belt Speed Twin speed and variable speed options available

Motor Specifications:
Feed motor = 0.25 Kw
Abrasive belt motor = 4.0 Kw
Voltage = 400v, 50Hz

Net weight = 485Kg
Dimensions = 100 x 90 x 188cm (l x w x h)