Polishing & Cleaning Products

Polishing mops, compunds and other felt tools are essential in any workplace when looking to get a high quality finish on your stainless steel and other metals.

Our large range of polishing mops are split into Sisal, Stiched Cotton, Loose Cotton, Swansdown and Sisal Impregnated. Each page has a clear description of the products, what they will do and the polishing compounds required with a filter system where applicable.

The range of polishing compounds we provide are ideal for varying different finishes for use on a range of metals, easily select which polishing compound you need with the clear explanation on the compound page.

Our felt bobs, discs and wheels gives you a large choice of products so you can be sure to find the correct product for your job.

For other converted polishing products on a spindle or for the Finimaster tools see the relevant tool shape sections throughout our website.