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  • MA range:  A little coarser finish than the SA wheels we recommend the MA deburring wheels where a little more aggression is needed and on harder aerospace metals where for example the MA8 gives great durability and an excellent finish on blade tip honing.

Cibo Unitised Deburring & Finishing Wheels

Removing weld discolouration from stainless steel is very easy with Cibo Unitised products.  The most important question to ask is ‘what finish would you like to achieve after removing the weld discolouration?’


Blending to a fine satin finish:  We recommend the FA3 or FA5 grade of unitised wheels.  Suggested products to fit on a bench grinder:

  • FA/3/T32  Density 3, 150mm diameter 13mm wide with a 25.4mm centre hole.  The softest action, great for a fine, soft satin finish.  Use the FA3 wheel unless you are working with lots of edges
  • FA/5/T32  Density 5, 150mm diameter 13mm wide with a 25.4mm centre hole.  The density 5 gives a lovely, soft satin finish whilst the stronger fleece structure will handle burrs and edges much better
  • FA/5/T33  Density 5, 150mm diameter 25mm wide with a 25.4mm centre hole
  • FA/3/T33  Density 3, 150mm diameter 25mm wide with a 10mm centre hole


Blending to a semi-bright finish:  We recommend the SA5 or SA6 grades.

  • SA/5/T32       150mm diameter 13mm wide with a 25.4mm centre hole.  1/2″ wide light deburring wheel
  • SA/5/T32/12  150mm diameter 13mm wide with a 13mm centre hole.  1/2″ wide wheel with a 1/2″ bore ready to fit directly on a bench grinder with a 1/2″ shaft
  • SA/5/T33       150mm diameter, 13mm wide with a 25.4mm centre hole
  • SA/5/T33/12  150mm diameter, 13mm wide with a 13mm centre hole.  1″ wide wheel with a 1/2″ bore ready to fit directly on a bench grinder with a 1/2″ shaft
  • SA/6/T33  150mm diameter, 25mm wide with a 25.4mm centre hole
  • SA/7/T32/12  150mm diameter, 13mm wide with a 25.4mm centre hole.  1/2″ wide wheel with a 1/2″ bore ready to directly on a bench grinder with a 1/2″ shaft.  This is a really good wheel option if you have heavier burrs to remove but still need a good, bright finish.



Need to use a smaller diameter wheel?  You can see the range of 50 or 75mm diameter wheels here

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Unitised abrasives are manufactured by compressing layers of nonwoven abrasive together into a sheet.  The unitised discs and wheels are then cut directly from the sheet.  Convolute abrasives are manufactured by winding a continuous roll of nonwoven abrasive around a central core, under consistent temperature & pressure.


In principle convolute and unitised abrasives can be used for the same applications, in practice the size and shape tends to determine which product is more appropriate for a given application.


  • Smaller and narrower diameter wheels are more suited to unitised abrasives
    • Min width 3mm
    • Max width 25mm
    • With the exception of the new Cibo FA materials which can be manufactured up to 50mm wide
    • Min diameter 25mm
    • Common max diameter 150mm (but can be made in larger diameters for exceptional applications)
  • Larger and wider diameter wheels tend to be made with convolute abrasives.
    • Min width 6mm
    • Max width 600mm
    • Min diameter 150mm
    • Max diameter 250mm

Cibo unitised discs in 75mm diameter are typically used on air tools and straight grinders

SA5   – for thread deburring, weld discolouration and for blending of coarser grades.
–  Available 6mm, and 13mm wide.
–  Contact AFS for 25mm wide wheels and other diameters
SA7   – For heavier deburring and light tig weld removal
–  Available 3mm and 6mm wide
–  Contact AFS for applications with 13mm and 25mm wide SA7 wheels
SA10 – For tig weld removal and gear deburring.
–  Available 3mm and 6mm wide and 13mm wide
–  Contact AFS for applications involving SA10 in 13mm width

Unitised discs & wheels are a made from a compressed nonwoven abrasive so the maximum diameter is limited to the maximum sheet size.  Cibo abrasives have the capacity to make unitised discs up to 305mm diameter.  If you need discs in this diameter then please contact us to discuss your specific application.

For more commonly available disc diameters either use the filter option on the page above or you can follow the links detailed below:


Fillet weld grinding discs


Light Deburring & weld discolouration removal wheels


Smaller diameter wheels for use on drills and air tools

Or if you want to see all the abrasive wheels we can supply for work on a shaft with a centre hole mounting

  • SA5, 6 & SA7 – Removes weld discolouration and light deburring, leaving a pre-polished finish.  The SA6 will leave a fine pre-polished finish with a little more aggression. Will remove aluminium tig welds.  The SA7 will remove and blend light stainless steel tig welds
  • MA5, 6, 7 & MA8 – A little coarser than the SA5 but ideal for removing weld discolouration to leave a fine satin finish.  The MA6 Slightly more aggresssive than the SA5, to leave a satin finish.  MA7 have a strong deburring action & will remove fillet welds easily to leave a 240 grit finish.
  • FA3, 4 & FA5 – A new range of unitised products developed by Cibo.  A soft action.  I deal for weld discouration removal and cleaning.
  • TA10 – New – High aggression grinding of stainless steel TIG welds

The MA7 and MA8 unitised wheels in 50, 75 and 100mm diameter will remove light burrs from a machined gear set to leave a fine and smooth finish.  They are often used on small air tools.