Accessories for Abrasive Tools

An Extensive Range of Accessories & Attachments for your Abrasive Machines including:

  • Back up pads from 19mm to 203mm diameter
  • Mandrels for spirabands, sleeves, cones, cartridge rolls, polishing and lap mops
  • Finimaster inflatable tyres and drive wheels for grip fixing tube belts
  • Various thread attachments to fit on an M14 threads
  • Belt backing materials including felt and graphite.

Abrasive products are no use at all without the right back up pad or mandrel to allow you to use the abrasives on your machine. Cibo have worked very hard over the years to supply the best back up pads, mandrels shafts, conversion discs to ensure maximum flexibility.

Back Up pads: We stock a range from 25mm upwards and can supply back up pads for fibre discs and for a wide range of grip / velcro fixings including specific back up pads designed for surface conditioning materials.

Tyres and Wheels for Abrasive Sleeves: We obviously stock both solid rubber and inflatable tyre wheels for use with abrasive sleeves on the Cibo Finimaster machines but many of these wheels will also fit onto other machines with an M14 or 19mm keyway fixing.

Hand Pad holders and Blocks: Scotchbrite pads give the best and most consistent finish when used with a handpad holder

Abrasive Mandrels and Flanges: Mandrels and flanges for abrasive wheels are specified to the size of the abrasive cap, cone, spiraband or wheel so you can have confidence when making your choice. Likewise when needing to purchase a thread attachment to convert the fixing for your abrasive.

Powerfile Arms: We stock a wide range of replacement arms for the Beltit powerfile machines. Just follow the link above to see the range of options for each machine