Abrasive Flap Discs

For Grinding Stainless Steel, Steel & Aluminium...

  • Steel flats & curves:  FHCC Ceramic flap discs in P40 / P60 grit
  • Steel fillet welds:  FOV P40 grit Ceramic discs have a flexible edge to get right into the corner.
  • Stainless Steel: FHCC or FTC Ceramic flap discs will outlast and cut zirconia discs
  • Aluminum:  FTC P60 Cibo Ceramics will give a fast cut rate without clogging

For Finishing Stainless Steel, Steel & Aluminium...

  • Steel flats & curves:  FSC Zirconia flap discs in P80 / P120 grit
  • Steel fillet welds:  Cibo unitised discs 
  • Stainless Steel: CIBO RCD Rapid Combi flap discs or Cibo Unitised discs
  • Aluminum:  FSC zirconia P120 grit discs.  Or for a finer finish... the SAG Unitised discs.

Lots more information in the FAQ's section below

Abrasive Flap Discs

Abrasive Flap Discs FAQs

  • Are ceramic flap discs that much better?

    The simple answer is yes. But of course, it depends. If you are doing high aggression grinding on steel or stainless steel then it is a simple decision. The Cibo Ceramic flap discs cut fast and last approximately 3x as long.

    Check out this simple video which shows the speed of cut achieved with the Cibo Ceramic flap discs.

  • Should I use Ceramic flap discs on aluminium?

    If you are heavy grinding on aluminium then our 40 grit FTC ceramic flap discs are a great option. They cut really quickly, they don’t clog up like zirconia discs and they are the longest lasting flap discs on the market.  

    • 40 grit 115mm / 4 1/2" ceramic flap discs - FTC/40/115
    • 40 grit 125mm / 5" ceramic flap discs - FTC/40/125
    • 40 GRIT 178MM / 7" ceramic flap discs - FTC/40/180
  • Should I choose a flap disc or a grinding disc for heavy grinding?

    We would recommend a 40 grit Ceramic flap disc every time. 

    Particularly when weld prep grinding you often need to grind away mill scale.  Zirconia flap discs do not have the cutting power and grinding discs take a long time to grind the whole job because you can only grind over a very small contact area.  Ceramic flap discs can grind over a larger surface area, they will cut through the mill scale quicker and leave a better finish which will save welding wire costs.


    • 40 grit 115mm / 4 1/2" ceramic flap discs - FTC/40/115
    • 40 grit 125mm / 5" ceramic flap discs - FTC/40/125
    • 40 GRIT 178MM / 7" ceramic flap discs - FTC/40/180


  • Which product should I buy when fillet weld grinding MIG welds?

    We recommend our FOV ceramic flap discs.  The FOV ceramic flap discs have ceramic abrasive cutting power combined with a flexible edge which allows them to blend the curve of a fillet weld.  

    Got a lot of heavy weld build up you need to grind away?  Then use the 40 grit ceramic flap discs.

    • 40 grit 115mm / 4 1/2" ceramic flap discs - FOV/40/115
    • 40 grit 125mm / 5" ceramic flap discs - FOV/40/125

    Need to remove weld spatter and shape a radius into the corner of a fillet?  Then we recommend the 60 grit FOV ceramic flap discs.

    • 60 grit 115mm / 4 1/2" ceramic flap discs - FOV/60/115
    • 60 grit 125mm / 5" ceramic flap discs - FOV/60/125
  • Which abrasive flap disc should I choose?

    Cibo offer a number of flap disc options:

    • FSC   / FSF Industrial INOX range of flap discs:  A cotton cloth backed zirconium oxide range designed for low pressure grinding.  FSC discs are particularly good for grinding stainless steel and aluminium at low pressure.  
    • FNC / FNF Industrial Steel flap disc line:  Designed for the heavy duty steel fabricator the FNC flap discs have a stronger poly cotton zirconium cloth which cuts really quickly when grinding at high pressure.
    • FHCC / FHCF Cibo Performance range of flap discs:  Developed by AFS in partnership with Cibo we believe the Cibo Ceramics are the future for flap disc grinding and our customers seem to agree.  You want ceramic performance without breaking the bank balance then the FHCC range is right for you.  the Cibo Performance flap discs are excellent when you want high performance grinding of steel & stainless steel on your angle grinder.
    • FTC / FTF premium ceramic flap discs:  Top of the range and top performance when grinding steel, stainless steel and aluminium.  If you can measure flap disc performance then the FTC range will be the first choice every time.