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Which should I choose?  Velcro, Plain or self-adhesive abrasive discs?

Velcro Abrasive Discs for Paint & Wood Finishing

For DA sanders and orbital sanders velcro has been the fixing of choice on abrasive discs for many years.  The velcro / grip fixing gives an increased lifetime over a self-adhesive abrasive disc and also allows you to change discs multiple times in a sanding sequence.  Consequently we no longer supply self-adhesive discs in 100, 120 and 150mm diameters.

Larger Diameter Abrasive Discs for Disc Sanders

Larger diameter abrasive discs tend to get used on floor mounted or bench mounted disc sanders.  On these larger disc sanders you have the choice.

  • Large Diameter Velcro discs.  Which allow the same flexibility as you get with an orbital sander disc.
    • Note:  we do not recommend velcro backed discs if you are using a disc sander to square the face of a block or casting.  e.g.  F1 engineers often use large disc sanders when squaring exhaust / flange faces
    • Large diameter velcro discs are manufactured to order
  • Large Diameter Self-Adhesive Discs.  Traditionally these are the most commonly used product on the large disc sanders.    The self-adhesive discs come supplied with a release paper on the back to allow you to peel off just before applying the disc to the sander.
    • Note:  Pressure sensitive adhesive, self-adhesive discs need to be stored in low humidity and within a 10 to 25 degree temperature range.  Outside of this the self-adhesive will deteriorate quickly rendering the PSA backing useless.
    • For this reason we manufacture all self-adhesive abrasive discs to order.  please allow at least 15 working days form manufacture and delivery.

The best solution to the problem of adhesive drying out is to purchase plain abrasive discs and apply the adhesive when it is needed.

  • Large Diameter Plain Abrasive Discs.  Not only are plain backed discs significantly cheaper than self-adhesive backed discs they also remove all the problems of long term storage.  Simply store them flat in a cool dry atmosphere and you can spray the adhesive on the disc when you needed.
  • For this reason we have invested in stock of a range of larger diameter paper backed abrasive paper discs in a range of grits
  • We stock the aluminium oxide discs for woodworking and aluminium sanding and zirconium oxide abrasive discs for other metal working applications such as stainless steel.

Velcro Backed Sanding Discs for Metalworking

The development of variable speed grinders and sander polishers mean that at Cibo we have been able to develop a whole new system of sanding using the velcro backed fixing system.

This offers some significant advantages over the traditional fibre sanding discs or flap discs. Particularly in terms of speed and the quality of finish that can be achieved.  But also in terms of the ease with which a consistent finish can be achieved using velcro back up pads and abrasive discs.

As this technology develops we now have a wide range of velcro abrasive discs available for metal sanding, polishing and finishing including:

Cibo Ceramics sanding discs.  The Cibo FX87GR sanding discs have revolutionised the sanding and finishing of stainless steel box section when used in partnership with

3M Trizact velcro grip discs.  The 237GR 3M Trizact products are ideal for fine sanding and polishing when used in partnership with the Cibo Ceramics and the …

Cibo Unitised Velcro polishing discs.

Cibo Abrasive Discs Catalogue

Cibo Abrasive Discs Catalogue

Velcro, Self-Adhesive & Plain Abrasive Discs

You can of course use the Cibo Lockit system which uses the same button fixing system on the back of the abrasive discs.  But, have you tried the new Cibo Grip / Velcro disc systems?

The Cibo Grip disc system is getting us very excited.

  • Available in 50mm and 75mm diameter, the new Cibo Grip discs are a real, new alterative to Roloc.
  • Cheaper than the traditional Roloc products yet with a longer life.
  • Easier to use than Roloc – the Cibo Grip discs sit flat on the back up pad, allowing much better control.

Roloc buttons cause the disc to deform on the back up pad, whilst the Cibo Grip discs give a perfect, flat grinding face. This makes them ideal for grinding back tig welds on stainless steel and aluminium, on which a high quality finish is demanded.

Cibo Grip – 75mm range

  • Cibo Ceramics, 40, 60 80 and 120 grit
  • LK Compact Grain, 120, 240, 400 and 800 grit
  • Unitised Discs SA5, MA5 and SA7
  • 237GR Trizact

In most applications, and particularly on smaller machines, the velcro / grip abrasive discs have a much longer life and are easier to take on and off the sander.

Traditionally on the larger platten / disc sanders used in woodworking and engineering industries, self-adhesive discs are more commonly used. However, there is a third option as explained below…

Purchase a plain abrasive disc in addition to a can of SPLA spray adhesive. Not only is it quicker and easier to use, plain discs are also significantly less expensive and remove the problems associated with storing adhesives in cold or humid environments.

Note:  If you require exact tolerance sanding, such as in the F1 support teams, then we would always recommend the self-adhesive discs / plain + spray adhesive options.

Yes. We supply a spray can of adhesive which we recommend for this purpose (SKU: SPLA). This is a great solution if you need to store the discs for any length of time as you won’t have to worry about the adhesive ‘going off’.