Graphite, Felt, Cork Backings

Cloth backed graphite rolls designed to improve abrasive belt and disc life.  

 Increase abrasive belt & disc life and reduce unnecessary abrasive belt and disc wear with the MHG450 graphite cloth material which keeps the grinding face cool by reducing friction behind the abrasive backing.  

We stock graphite rolls for next day shipment in 2m lengths and in widths 100mm and 150mm wide.  

Graphite cloth can be supplied with a self adhesive backing but the most cost effective and easiest solution is to use a contact spray adhesive such as our SPLA abrasive cloth adhesive specifically for this purpose.  Follow this link:  SPLA adhesive spray

Graphite, Felt, Cork Backings

Graphite, Felt, Cork Backings FAQs

  • When should I use graphite cloth?

    If you are grinding, sanding finishing or polishing using an abrasive belt against a platen or contact face then a strip of graphite behind the belt will reduce the grinding heat and will increase the abrasive belt life significantly.

  • How can I stick graphite to the metal platen face?

    We can supply graphite with a peel off self-adhesive backing but it is far more efficient and easier to apply if you use a spray adhesive such as our SPLA picture mount adhesive.