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Why Use Inoxitape? What are the advantages of Inoxitape?

Before Inoxitape was developed there were traditionally 2 methods used for trying to create a sharp mitre corner.

1.  Multiple layers of masking tape placed across the corner.

  • This left a very uneven edge as the tape wore away quickly whilst also smearing glue all around the workpiece.

2.  Thicker stainless plate ground to try and create a thinner edge.

  • Apart from all the upproductive time taken to try and make a masking plate which then had to be clamped onto the workpiece it was always diffcult to shape it thin enough to leave a clean mitre edge on the workpiece.

Among other benefits when, used in conjunction with the Cibo Time Saving Kit Set 1 not only does Inoxitape create a clean pin sharp mitre corner but it also significantly reduces the time taken to achieve a professional finish.

Is Inoxitape Reusable?

Inoxitape uses a PSA double sided tape to fix it to the metal.  Keep the workpiece cool when you are using the Inxoitape and you will be able to re-use it multiple times.

Is Inoxitape Safe for use on Stainless Steel?

Yes.  Inoxitape is made with 0.15mm shim stainless steel with a psa adhesive on the back which contains no free-iron which could contaminate stainless steel.

Can I Use Inoxitape on other Metals?

If you need to create a precision mitre satin finish on your metal then you can use Inoxitape.  The only question is which wheel or brush you need to use for your particular application.  If you are unsure which grade of brush you need then why not try our Find A Solution page which has hundreds of application solutions laid out for you in a quick and easy web page.


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