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Unitised: Grip Finishing Discs

With the Cibo TSK polishing kits, welds are ground with a ceramic disc and the finish is refined with Trizact abrasive discs. The SAGR removes blends, brightens and reveals any blemishes in the surface of the metal, making it much easier to create a final high quality, polished finish.

Yes. Stainless steel fabricators working in detailed areas have found the 75mm discs to be a real advantage over Lockit / Roloc. Particularly if you need to work in tight areas and you can use more of the disc without risking damaging the workpiece.

Now we are introducing the MAGR grade 6 disc. With a higher cut rate, the MAGR will remove tig welds on corners to leave a semi-bright finish in one action.

SKU: 75IT115IT and 125IT

The foam interface pads were developed specifically for the Cibo Time Saving Kits and work well with the unitised grip discs. They reduce grinding temperature, improve disc lifetime and save money (replace the interface pad, not the whole backing pad when the foam is worn).