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Advantages of the Cibo RCD – Rapid Combi Disc

  1. Halve your production time by reducing the number of steps needed to achieve a finish
  2. Stop re-working.  The RCD rapid combi disc is a flexible flap disc which has a soft and controlled grinding action which allows control of the finish
  3. Improve surface finish.  The Medium RCD combi disc will give a beautiful 240 grit finish on your stainless steel directly from the weld.
  4. The Very Fine RCD combi disc will leave a 320 grit finish.
  5. Use the Ultra Coarse RCD combi disc for grinding and shaping aluminium mig welds to leave a finish ready for painting.

What Makes the RCD Rapid Combi Disc Unique?

RCD is a combination of a flexible poly-cotton abrasive cloth combined with surface conditioning material.

  • The flexible abrasive does the cutting
  • The surface conditioning does the finishing.

The cushioning effect of the surface conditioning material behind the flexible abrasive makes it ideal for sanding tig welds on tubes.  The soft action ensures no flat spots and a great finish.  This cushioning makes the RCD the must have flexible flap disc.

What is the best way to use the RCD?

  1. Sand along the curve of the tube or balustrade.  This will put the satin finish in the right direction straight away.
  2. Sand at a shallow angle.  Between 15 and 30 degrees will improve abrasive disc life and make it easier to control the sanding action.
  3. Reduce grinder speed to between 3,00 and 5,000rpm to remove heat from the workpiece.  The right speed allows the RCD to work in a controlled manner and increases disc life.

Why switch to the Cibo Rapid Combi Disc?

Because Rapid Combi Discs will:

  • Save you money
  • Reduce your labour costs and
  • Improve customer satisfaction with the superior metal finish you will achieve with the RCD combi discs.

What Metals Can I sand with the RCD Disc?

The limit is your imagination.  The RCD is now the most popular product for sanding and removing tig welds on stainless steel tubes.  The RCD is also popular for deburring and sanding aluminium and brass.  Whilst the Extra Coarse RCD is a great way to remove mig welds from aluminium.

The Medium RCD (Rapid Combi Disc) allows you to grind away stainless tig welds and leave a perfect finish in one action.  Because of the RCD’s flexible action you can sand in the same direction as the grain leaving a perfect finish in one step.

Looking for Other Flap Discs?

This page is focused on Cibo RCD but if you are looking to see the full range of Cibo flap discs or the range of Cibo unitised discs then follow the relevant links to see the best flap disc for your job.