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Since Cibo launched the Finimaster Pro drum sander Cibo have continued to develop an ever widening range of M14 mounted polishing wheels and brushes.

What are the Benefits of M14 Mounted Polishing Wheels & brushes?

There are a number of advantages to the M14 system over the traditional 19mm keyway.

  1. The larger wheel size gives an increased abrasive life and therefore reduced abrasive costs.
  2. The larger footprint ensures higher quality finishing.
  3. No locking nut on the outer edge of the abrasive brushes means better access close to edges.
  4. It easier to make and fit 50mm wide finishing brushes to variable speed grinders.

Which M14 Mounted Polishing Wheels are the Most Popular for the Finimaster Pro?

For satin polishing we recommend creating the grain structure with the 337DC Trizact abrasive sleeves then using the FMTA 180 brush to give the 240 grit finish or the FMTA 280 brush to blend the final 320 grit finish.

For the full detail on these processes you can see our solution database

What are the best products for satin polishing aluminium on the Finimaster Pro?

Being a much softer metal less aggression is required to remove surface damage and put a satin finish on aluminium.  Belts are not normally needed.  Instead we recommend the FMTM brushes.  The FMTM 80 will leave a strong brushed finish which looks really good on aluminium.  If you need a finer, softer satin finish then step down to the 180 or even 280 grit M14 brushes.

Follow this link to our solution database where we have highlighted these 3 brushes.

Which M14 Mounted Polishing Wheels are the Most Popular for the Finipower variable speed grinders?

Variable speed grinders are an excellent tool to use when finishing box section stainless steel.  The narrower profile makes the M14, 50mm wide wheels ideal and you can switch quickly between the Cibo Time Saving Kit processes and the finishing brushes.

The Ginger Ninja on the Cibo Finipower Plus descaling stainless steel bar

Cibo Grinding Wheels Catalogue

M14 Abrasive Brushes + Wheels

Our ceramic FMCMC combination flap wheels are available in both 50mm wide and 110mm wide and is known as our “Ginger Ninja“. The 60 grit ceramic cloth wheels provide a high durability and outstanding cut rate. The ceramic combination wheel is great for edge shaping, surface damage removal to leave a consistent grain finish.

For narrow section finishing we have also included a range of abrasive zirconia wheels which will fit on the Finipower variable speed grinder. Perfect for box section work, shaping weld seams and weld splatter on steel and stainless steel.