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Abrasive Cloth Grip Discs

All of these discs will safely run at 80 m/s (normal max. angle grinder speed). But, if you wish to get the best from any abrasive, particularly on stainless steel, then slowing the disc down is the best way to achieve that.

Ideally we recommend running the FX87GR discs at around 40 to 60 m/s and the Trizact discs a little slower, between 35 and 45 m/s.

Cloth grip discs easily fit on to your backing pad (SKU: 75mm – 75VEL/VZ, 115mm – 115VEL/VZ, 125mm – 125VEL/VZ, description ‘Back Up Pad Trizact’).

Select from the options on the left hand side to view discs by diameter, grit size and grit type and find the right cloth grip disc for you.

For speed and controllability, our standard recommendation would be the FX87GR Cibo Ceramic discs, along with the grip backing pad and a foam interface pad to help keep the surface cooler.

Most scratches can be removed with the A65 Trizact discs which will leave a fine 280 grit finish. This finish is then much easier to blend back to the original finish than it would be with a coarser disc.

If you care about the quality of the finish you can achieve, then the battle is always between speed of cut and control of the finish.

A hard back-up pad or disc will increase the aggression, but that hard contact will result in facets or flat edges showing in the workpiece.

A foam interface pad in collaboration with a Cibo grip sanding disc is the ideal solution.  If you need to increase control, simply fit a velcro interface pad between the back-up pad and the sanding disc.

Ideal for sanding box section edges where any dip in the profile becomes very obvious.  Also perfect for dressing tubular butt welds where flat-spotting would again be very obvious.


SKU: 75IT115IT and 125IT

The foam interface pads were developed specifically for the Cibo Time Saving Kits. They help to reduce grinding temperature, improve disc lifetime and reduce ongoing costs (replace the interface pad, not the whole backing pad when the foam is worn).