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Round Tree Carbide Burrs – Shape F:

The table below details all dimensions of our round tree carbide burr range. If you know which burr you want, just click on the part number to be directed to the product page.

Helpful Tip – if the part number ends ‘/6’ then the burr has a diamond cut pattern. ‘/3’ is a fluted cut pattern.

Diameter Burr Length Spindle Overall Length Part Number / Links
3.0mm 14mm 3mm 38mm HMC/F30312/6
3.0mm 12mm 3mm 58mm HMC/F30612/6
6.0mm 18mm 6mm 50mm HMC/F60618/6
8.0mm 20mm 6mm 65mm HMC/F60820/6
9.6mm 19.2mm 6mm 65mm HMC/F61020/3
9.6mm 19.2mm 6mm 65mm HMC/F61020/6
12.5mm 19.2mm 6mm 70mm HMC/F61220/6
12.5mm 25.4mm 6mm 70mm HMC/F61225/3
12.5mm 25.4mm 6mm 70mm HMC/F61225/6
15.8mm 25.4mm 6mm 70mm HMC/F61525/6
Extra Long Carbide Burrs – Various Shapes:
Diameter Burr Length Spindle Overall Length Part Number / Links
9.5mm 8mm 6mm 158mm HMC/C60820/6XL
8.0mm 20mm 6mm 168mm HMC/D61010/6XL
9.6mm 19mm 6mm 169mm HMC/F60820/6XL
8.0mm 19mm 6mm 168mm HMC/F61020/6XL
12.0mm 12.7mm 6mm 164mm HMC/N61212/6XL
Abrasive Finishing Systems Carbide Burr Catalogue:

What’s inside? A guide on how to choose the best cutting shape for you. Recommendations for use. Cutting speed tables.  And our full range of 80+ burrs organised by shape and size. Available here.