About Us

Abrasive Finishing Systems was formed in 2002 to supply premium abrasive products and solutions to the metal finishing industry. With many years experience of supplying abrasives for the stainless steel and metal fabrication markets in the UK and Ireland and with the backing of Cibo Abrasives, based in Belgium and Garboli based in Italy, AFS are perfectly placed to help solve your particular finishing problems.

Our abrasive technical centre is based in North Yorkshire, plus we have a team of distributors located throughout the UK and Ireland dedicated to providing high quality solutions for stainless steel fabricators and the metal working professional. Our abrasive finishing machines, kits and abrasive products offer solutions to the most common finishing problems: weld removal, satin finishing and mirror polishing tubes, fillet welds and mitres. As well as having this range of knowledge and ability we also have extensive stock of standard and many non-standard products. In addition to providing ‘off the shelf’ abrasive solutions we know that sometimes additional support is needed. Whatever your question we are here to help. Whether it is just a quick phone call or assisting on site with abrasive production trials. Our network of distributors are ready to provide immediate support, backed up by AFS when required.

The Abrasive Finishing Systems range does not only include the amazing Cibo Abrasives and Cibo Time Saving Kits but we are also the UK and Ireland exclusive agent for the Garboli metal finishing machines. From traditional cutting and grinding abrasives, unitised and convolute technical abrasive wheels through to fine sanding and polishing products. The new Cibo Abrasives catalogue comes with over 500 pages of product and application information designed for the metal finishing professional.

At AFS we work hard to fulfil your expectations by ensuring excellent customer service, selling only the highest quality abrasive products which will do the job and by providing training and product demonstrations on-site or in our fully equipped demonstration centre on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales.

AFS Charity Partners

Yorkshire Air Ambulance

We chose this charity because Becky’s father-in-law had recent cause to be very grateful of their services when he was ‘taken out’ by a bull!

Herriot Hospice

Based in Northallerton, Herriot Hospice is the local hospice to AFS, they have supported a number of people known by AFS staff at a very difficult time in their lives.

MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship)

They provide an amazing service across several continents flying into the most difficult places. MAF have been supported personally by an AFS team member for many years.

Human Care Syria

Given the enormous needs in Syria at the moment we wanted to reach out a hand to an organisation working with children in that country. Their mission is to deliver aid to those who need it most in an efficient and effective way without prejudice to people’s religion, sex, age or ethic background.