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Cibo Abrasives supply 2 main families of metal cutting discs for stainless steel, steel and alloy metals, to get a premium cut every time.  AFS also carry Right Lines Diamond cutting blades. These discs are ideal for construction work, cutting granite, stone and brick.

Cibo Top Line Cutting Discs:

Recommended when you need fast cutting slitting discs which last.  Cibo Tpo Line Cutting discs are available in 115mm and 125mm diameters.

Cibo Industrial Line Cutting Discs:

Recommended for general use in the stainless steel fab shop.  Cibo Industrial Line slitting discs still give a great cutting performance at an amazingly competitive price.

  • 115mm (4.5″)
  • 125mm (5″)
  • 230mm (9″)
  • Disc of choice for metal and stainless fabricators.

Are 1mm Cutting Discs Safe?

All Cibo cutting discs are manufactured under OSA approval so you can be confident in their performance.  To ensure cutting discs are safe for use on an angle grinder all Cibo cutting discs use a re-enforcing scrim in the centre of the slitting disc to bind the abrasive together.  Thicker cutting discs will have more scrim layers.

1mm wide cutting discs which are commonly available to fit on 115mm and  125mm angle grinders have a single scrim layer.  This single scrim layer means they have a very narrow cutting face.  This narrow cutting profile means that the Cibo 1mm cutting discs will slice through thin stainless steel and sheet metal very quickly.

When used correctly thin cutting discs are a great product for cutting thin wall metals. We recommend them for metal less than 2mm in thickness.

Can I use a Cutting Disc for Deburring Metal Edges?

It is very tempting to use the side of a cutting disc for removing burrs and rags after cutting but we do not recommend this.  It is dangerous and a bad practice.

The scrim structure inside a cutting disc is designed to ensure strength along the cutting plain, Cutting discs are not strong enough to safely apply a sidewards pressure to the disc, using the side of a cutting disc can cause the disc to shatter.  A shattered cutting disc rotating at 11,000rpm will cause serious injury.

We recommend using a flap disc or sanding disc for deburring

Are Cutting Discs Suitable for Stainless Steel?

All Cibo cutting discs are made with iron free abrasive blends which means that they can be used on stainless steel as well as on steel and aluminium.

Cibo Cutting and Grinding Disc Catalogue