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Surface Conditioning: Grip Discs

Surface conditioning grip discs are made from a non-woven material which is impregnated throughout the disc. They give a great finish and long life when used for surface preparation and finishing.

Although they can be used for light grinding operations, they work best when used for scratch removal, refining and finishing metals.

Most people break this rule, but for optimum performance, SCM discs are best used at half the speed of a sanding disc. Therefore, on a traditional grinder they should operate between 4,000 – 6,000 RPM.

SCM discs are heavier than traditional velcro discs which makes them more vulnerable to flying off the back up pad. When Cibo introduced the VTMA back up pad with an aluminium nipple in the centre it removed those problems over night.

The VTMA back up pad is available for discs in 100mm, 115mm & 125mm diameters.