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3 Kits which contain the most up to date products for mirror polishing stainless steel

Time Saving Kit Set 4 (TSK04)

Will sand and remove a stainless steel tig weld.  All the discs are included in the kit to be able to, sand and refine the grind lines and bring the stainless up to a bright mirror polished finish using a variable speed grinder such as the Cibo Finipower Plus variable speed grinder .

Set 4 uses the 237GR Trizact discs to refine the weld and the FLM polishing brushes to do the final bright mirror polish finishing.  Don’t forget to use the Vienna Chalk to remove any excess polish

For the full process and extra tips, take a look at our TSK/04 blog. 

Time Saving Kit Set 5 (TSK05)

Is designed to work in partnership with a fillet weld grinder  such as the Cibo FinitEasy.

The Unitised MA8 discs will remove the tig weld on the stainless tube.  The MA8 will also grind and sand the radius such that the weld is invisible.  Pre-polishing is done with the SA5 unitised disc and then the weld is polished to a bright , high quality mirror finish with the felt disc and our PV/102 polishing compound.  Set 5 uses the  RebelOne unitised fillet weld grinding discs.

For the full process and extra tips, take a look at our TSK/05 blog. 

Time Saving Kit Set 6 (TSK06)

The final mirror polishing stainless steel kit is designed to sand the tig weld on the outer radius of the tube.  The Cibo RCD discs will remove the weld and leave a soft satin finish on the stainless steel tube.  TSK06 also includes the SAG5 unitised discs to pre-polish the tube.  Final stage mirror polishing of the stainless is then completed with the VAP felt discs on the Finipower Plus variable speed grinder with the PV/102 polishing compound.

For the full process and extra tips, take a look at our TSK/06 blog. 

The Cibo Kits were developed specifically for stainless steel finishing but very similar principles apply.  You can use all the same products to finish brass on either a fillet weld grinder or a variable speed angle grinder.

Be aware that as the brass is a softer metal you can often start the process at a finer stage than on the stainless and also more care needs to be taken to finish with very light pressure on the brass.