Metabo 760mm x 40mm Tube Polisher Sanding Belts

Abrasive Sanding & Polishing Belts, 760mm x 40mm (& 25mm wide) For Metabo & Other Tube Polishers

  • Ceramic Belts (FX87) - waterproof, high perfomance abrasive belt, recommended where high stock removal is required
  • Flexible Ceramic Belts (FF87) - flexible ceramic abrasive belts with a great belt life when finishing and polishing metals
  • Zirconia Belts (TZ59) - We have now replaced all 40mm wide zirconia belts with the faster cutting & longer lasting FF87 and FX87 ceramic belts
  • Trizact Belts (237AA) - Ideal for super fine finishing & preparation for mirror polishing the trizact 237EA belts give a much longer belt life and a very consistent finish
  • Surface Conditioning Belts - designed for blending and satin finishing metals & the new T00 non-abrasive belt for mirror polishing.  For a '240 grit grain finish with the VT/RC2 belts, for a 320 grit G-Rail satin, finish with the VT/RC3 760mm belts

Standard manufacturing lead time for non-stock belts is 7 - 10 days. You can see our full range of abrasive tube polishing belts here.

Metabo 760mm x 40mm Tube Polisher Sanding Belts

Metabo 760mm x 40mm Tube Polisher Sanding Belts FAQs

  • How do I remove scratches & put a 240 grit satin finish on stainless steel tube with 760mm tube polisher belts?

    If you need to use your tube polisher to remove scratches & damage from stainless steel tube then the likeliehood is that some of the marks may go quite deep which is why we recommend starting with an 80 grit ceramic sanding belt.

    Stage 1 - Removing the Scratches off the Handrail:

    • If it is for straight tube only then we would recommend the FX87 80 grit belts (SKU: FX87/80/760X40 ).  With a strong polyester backing it has a great cut but the backing does not have enough flexibility to work around any bends
    • If you are working on curves then we would recommend the FF87 flexible ceramic 80 grit belts ( SKU: FF87/80/760X40).  With the ceramic grain you maintain the high aggression but with the capacity to work around the bends & curves.

    If the scratches are less deep then start with the P120 grit FX87 or FF87 belts instead (SKU: FX87/120/760X40 or FF87/120/760X40), if you are after a more prominent grain finish in the tube you can then go directly to the Medium 'scotch' belt, missing out stage 2.

    Stage 2  Re-finishing to a 240 grit grain finish:

    • Before finishing with a surface conditioning belt we recommend that you create a finer grain structure with the FF87 P180 grit 760mm x 40mm belts (SKU: FF87/180/760X40 ).  This will leave a fine almost 240 grain finish which can be polished over very quickly with... 

    Stage 3 - Remove Burrs and Leave a 240 grit Soft Satin Finish:

    • A final very quick finish with the VT RC2 760 x 40mm medium surface conditioning / scotch belts (sku:  VT/RC2/760X40 )

    We always recommend scm belts as the final stage when satin finishing tubes as they will leave the tubes clean, burr free and will blend any previous sanding marks to a uniform finish.

  • How do I mirror polish stainless steel tubes with a Metabo tube polisher?

    There are many different standards of mirror polished finish.  The only way to achieve a super-bright mirror polish is to spend the time and ensure all previous sanding marks have been removed and for the metal fabricator mirror polishing can be the bottomless pit which will make the diffierence between turning a profit or a loss!!  We will recommend two different processes for mirror polishing.


    1. A fine satin finish which has been over-polished.  This is perfectly acceptable for many applications and has the benefit of improving the corrosion resistance in harsh environments
    2. A nominally grain free surface finish which is over-polished.  However if you inspect the surface in detail it will be possible to see some super-fine sanding lines in the metal surface.  But for the majority of applications this will be more than acceptable.
      • To step up to this higher level we recommend working with the Trizact 237EA belts which give a much finer range of finish without any deeper scratches in the metal.
      • The next step is the 280 grit finish with the 237AA/65/760X40
      • followed by an 800 grit belts:  237AA/30/760X40
      • Optionally you can also go to the 1400 grit 237AA/16/760X40 trizact belts to achieve an even better finish
      • The VT/T00/760X40 non-abrasive polishing belt with the PV/101 polishing soap.
      • ensure all the remnant polish is removed with the PV/103 Vienna Chalk and a lint free cloth followed by
      • A second T00 non-abrasive polishing belt with the PV/102 (pink) polishing soap.

    Note:  If you need to achieve a full super-bright mirror polished finish then the hand held tube polisher is the wrong tool.  To completely remove all sanding lines you need to cross-cut the grain at every stage in the process.  This is not possible with the belts wrapping around the tube.

  • What is the abrasive belt size of the Metabo RBE 15 hand held tube polisher?

    Although Metabo are no longer supplying the 110 volt electric tube polisher we are able to supply a wide range of grinding, sanding & polishing belts to fit this machine.  The standard belt size is 760mm x 40mm and they are all available on this page either ex-stock or made to order.

  • Which pipe / tube sander machines do belts size 760mm x 40mm

    In recent years a number of brands have all been launched with the same or similar tube sanding systems using the belt size 760mm x 40mm including the following tools we have seen on the market:

    Harding HPG-331, MSW POL400, AGP WS760, Raizi, Bluerock, Pipe Polisher 55790 and Vevor

    All the above machines have motor power between 600 and 900 watt and use the wishbone type fitting for the abrasive belts.