Demonstration Centre

At Abrasive Finishing Systems we pride ourselves on our extensive range of abrasives, finishing and grinding machines designed to solve even the most challenging finishing problems.

Our demonstration centre is well stocked with machines and abrasives along with unfinished samples of pre-welded and flat stainless steel. In addition we encourage you to bring your own ‘live’ samples. We like to work together with our customers to solve tricky finishing problems such as weld removal, grinding, satin finishing and mirror polishing on flat and curved metals, on internal and external corners, on tube and pipe work using hand held and stationary machines and weld de-bluing.

The demonstration centre at AFS has 3 distinct demonstration ‘zones’:

Stationary Finishing Machines and Abrasives

For grinding, buffing and finishing stainless steel, aluminium, brass and other metal tubes and pipes, whether straight or curved.

Garboli LPC300 can be seen in use on shaped tubing using PG730 compact grain and other coated abrasive and surface conditioning belts.

Hand Held Machines and Abrasives

This area includes portable machines for solving all of the common grinding and finishing problems:

Finitube for tube and pipe polishing with coated abrasive, surface conditioning and felt belts. Finit Easy for fillet weld grinding using unitised, convolute and felt wheels.

Finimaster for satin polishing and brush finishing using a range of abrasive types which include coated abrasive and surface conditioning belts; cloth, combination and tex flap wheels and associated products such as the Inoxitape for creating that elusive perfectly mitred corner.

Finipower variable speed angle grinders which are excellent for use on non-ferrous metals and allow a perfect polished finish on stainless steel due to the slower speeds available. These can be seen in use with the Rapid Combination Discs, ceramic and Trizact™ discs, unitised and felt discs.

Weld Cleaning

Do you ever suffer from weld blueing? We can demonstrate an easy and effective way to remove weld discolouration:

The Electro-Wand is used with an active solution which is slowly applied to the work-piece. Upon completion of the process the weld discolouration has been removed.

Examples of items available for Demo

LPC300 Planetary Tube Polishing Machine

Finipower Variable Speed Angle Grinders


LPC160 Mirror Tube Polishing Machine

Want to book a demonstration?

Please contact us by telephone or email and tell us which finishing problems you need to find a solution for and we will be happy to book you an appointment.

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