Abrasive Linishing Belts - 1090 x 150mm

All abrasive belts on this page are 1090mm x 150mm and are listed from most coarse through to finer grits.

Aluminium Oxide (TX52) - a tough cotton cloth abrasive belt, performs well on a wide range of materials, our "all weather belt"

Ceramic (FX87) - our high performance ceramic abrasive belt with a waterproof backing. Ideal where high pressure and high stock removal is required

We recommend the Zirconia HZ72 polyester backed cloth for the coarse and internmediate grinding of steel, stainless steel and alumiinum.

If you cannot see the required belt size or grit required, please do get in contact as we can manufacture belts with a 7-10 day lead time.

Alternatively, for belts 915 x 100mm, 1220 x 150mm click on the links (on the belt sizes) or to view our full range of Table Linishing Belts.

Abrasive Linishing Belts - 1090 x 150mm