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Wide Belt Sanders

Yes. We supply both cloth and paper wide belts for metal working applications. The most commonly sold product is the KP950. This is a heavy, paper backed product with a durable zirconia abrasive and is often used for graining stainless steel sheet and strip.


The hard wearing backing of these KP950 belts make them strong and reliable, which in turn ensures long belt life and means they can be used on mild and stainless steel, non- ferrous metals and aluminium.

For most applications the answer is almost always paper.  Unless you are constantly working on hard edges which can rip a belt, or if there is a risk of spikes, such as metal edges or nails which can tear the belt, then paper belts are normally more cost effective.


The exception to this rule is if you are calibration sanding wood which is normally done with a P36 zirconia belt, or if you are needing significant stock removal in a metal grinding process, normally P60 and coarser.

The most popular belt for putting a 240 grit finish on stainless steel is our KP950 80 grit (yes we know it is not a 240 grit) zirconia paper wide belt.


To replicate a steel strip mill finish on a wide belt sander it is often necessary to use a much coarser grit.


n.b.  240 grit finish stainless steel is one of the most common confusions in stainless steel finishing.  For most people it simply means ‘a nice satin finish’.

There are many, many different machine sizes.  Some manufacturers have begun to standardise but there is still a vast range.


We can make any belt size you require, so if you can’t see it please contact us.  “Made to order” belts can be normally be supplied within 7-10 days and if you have a regular requirement, we can stock it for you ready for next time.