RCD Coarse Rapid Combi Disc115mm dia x 22mm

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SKU: RCD/CO/115 Cibo RCD Rapid Combi Disc - Coarse 115mm diameter

Rapid Combination Discs (RCD) are now one of the most important products in our search for the perfect finish.

Working on stainless steel tubes / handrails and want to restore a 180 grit grain finish?

Use the 115mm RCD coarse disc to remove the tig weld and put a 150 / 180 grit satin finish on the tube in one action.

Working on aluminium box section and need to radius tig welds?  Remove the welds in seconds and leave a consistent shape and controlled cut without the risk of undercutting the weld.

The Cibo RCD Flap Disc allows you to grind down weld seams and provide a flawless finish in a single operation.  This revolutionary and universally patented product consists of two complementary abrasive materials which provide fantastic results in one single product.  In the past, an experienced grinder required at least three operations to completely remove a weld seam.  Now you can complete this task in one single step. 

Properties:  A perfect match between two technically advances abrasive materials with varying abrasive capacities. 

– Surface Conditioning with a very rapid and even grinding capacity

– Polycotton extra flexible abrasive cloth with grinding aids

– Even wear of both the Surface Conditioning and the abrasive cloth

– Shock reducing effect 


– Controlled material removal

– Forgiving

– Even finish

– Constant and low Ra-value

– Improved finish, even for inexperienced users

– Lower heat generation

– Enormous time savings, only one operations instead if three

– Significant cost savings

– Can be used in a wide variety of applications: stainless steel, aluminium, special alloys, soft metals, wood, auto repair, ect.

– Eco-friendly as less waste is created

RCD Discs = Three Discs in One!

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Bevelled / Conical

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22, 22mm

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Ideal, Premium Disc

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Glass Fibre

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Rapid Combi Disc

Cibo RCD - Rapid Combi Disc - Coarse Grade

Disc Size:   115 x 22mm

Max RPM:                13,300 rpmRecommended RPM:   6,000 rpm
Grade:  CoarseSurface Finish Achieved:  nominal 180 grit