RCD Very Fine Rapid Combi Discs 125mm dia x 22mm

SKU: RCD/VF/125 Rapid Combi Disc - Very Fine : 125mm diameter

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RCD Very Fine 125mm combination flap discs.

Easily has the power to remove fine tig welds on stainless steel had rails to leave a 320 grit satin finish in one action.

If the weld is a little heavier then we recommend sanding the weld with the RCD 125mm Medium disc first.

n.b. If you have not used the RCD before it is definitely worth watching the video on the product category pages.

The RCD discs break all the traditional sanding rules.

– Feel free to dwell on the weld, iyou will have to work very hard to undercut the weld or flat spot the metal
– Sand so you create the sanding lines parallel with your tube (yes we know it feels weird at first) and then you want need to do another sanding process afterwards to change the direction of the sanding lines.

What to go to mirror polish?
Stage 1: Remove weld with the RCD Medium (or go straight to stage 2)
Stage 2: Refine with the RCD very fine
Stage 3: Pre-polish with the SAG grade 5
Stage 4: Polish with the VAP Z felt disc and our PV/101 polish

Grit Size

Very Fine

Disc Type

Bevelled / Conical

Cibo Product Code




Centre Hole or Bore


Good For Aluminium

On Tig Welds

Good For Stainless


Backing Type

Glass Fibre

Grit Type

Rapid Combi Disc


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