237GR Trizact A6 grit grip disc 75mm dia

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SKU: 237GR/A6/S007 Trizact 237EA Grip Discs - A6 (2000 grit) : 75mm

Please note: This item is available to purchase in increments of 25


75mm diameter A6 grade 3M Trizact 237EA grip / velcro discs fit on the Cibo 75VEL/VZ back up pad which was designed specifically to ensure cool cutting and a long lifetime for the Trizact discs.

A6 237GR Trizact finishing discs will quickly refine and blend the Trizact A16 grit sanding lines easier and more effectively than traditional abrasives without the risk of undercuttting to leave a P2000 grit finish.

Use the 75mm velcro discs as a faster and more cost effective option than the traditional roloc type quick change pads. 237GR 75mm discs are particularly good for polishing thin wall stainless steel in preparation for mirror polishing.

Although Trizact works best at slower operating speeds, 75mm A6 discs can work effectively on 115mm or 125mm angle grinders when used with the75VEL/VZ back up pad + 75IT foam interface layer.

Use the Trizact 237GR A6 discs after the A16 disc. Suggested polishing sequence:
1. Weld removal FX87GR P100 S007
2. Sanding & blending 237GR A160 S007
3. Refining lines 237GR A65 S007
4. Pre-polish sanding 237GR A30 S007
5. Pre-polishing 237GR A16 S007
6. Bright finish 237GR A6 S007
6. final polishing….

Grit Size

A6 / 2000 grit

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Flexible Cotton

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