Abrasive Paper Sheets

The silicon carbide C weight abrasive paper sheets particularly suitable for use in car body shops. They can also be used on aluminium, glass, stone, plastics and rubber.

The SP717 material is very flexible and the abrasive paper sheets can be used wet or dry but also have an exceptional life span.

With a range of different abrasive grit sizes, you can easily blend coarser finishes into a finer finish to complete your job.

If you do not see the paper sheet you require, please do get in touch, we can often manufacture items to your specific needs.

Alternatively, we supply abrasive cloth sheets and abrasive handpads with a scotchbrite material if they are more suitable for your application.

Abrasive Paper Sheets

Abrasive Paper Sheets FAQs

  • Why is it better to use wet & dry paper for car body sanding?

    Paints and laquers harden to a tough surface, meaning when sanding or cutting back paint between coatings, a sharp abrasive grain such as silicon carbide provides a much faster and cleaner cut than aluminium oxide papers do. 

    Secondly, it is beneficial to remove any dust from the environment before painting, so wet and dry paper allows you to work with water whilst sanding to prevent dust going into the air around paint work.