Unitised FA3 wheel 150mm x 13mm x 25.4mm

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SKU: FA/3/T32 FA3 unitised wheel soft and flexible unitised wheels : 150 mm x 13 mm x 25.4 mm

FA3 unitised wheels – a new member of the Cibo Abrasives unitised family.

The FA3 wheels are great for removing weld discolouration on stainless steel pipework such as in the water & dairy industry and for industrial pipework such as large scale boiler manufacturing where the flexible fibres get right into the root of the tig weld leaving it clean and ready to passivate.

The video on this product page shows the FA3 wheels running on the Cibo FinitEasy fillet weld grinder which runs at a max of 3,200 rpm
FA3 150 mm x 13 mm x 25.4 mm centre hole

Max operating speed 6,000 rpm
Recommended operating speed 2 – 3,000 rpm


Fillet Weld Grinder (FinitEasy)

Grit Size

Density 3

Cibo Product Code




Centre Hole or Bore

25.4, 25.4mm


13 mm

Good For Aluminium

Weld Colour removal

Good For Stainless

Weld Blueing Removal

Backing Type


Grit Type

Aluminium Oxide