Cibo FinitEasy 110v fillet weld grinder – machine in case

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SKU: SMFEM/B 110 volt Cibo Finit-easy Fillet weld grinder in a steel case

The Cibo FinitEasy is the original and still the best fillet weld grinder.

The 110 volt FinitEasy fillet weld grinder has flanges for 22mm and 25.4mm discs so it can be used with almost any abrasive product including cutting, grinding & flap discs as well as the more well known unitised discs for fillet weld grinding & polishing.

Use the MA8 or the new GA7 and GA8 unitised discs on the FinitEasy for removing fillet welds and polishing stainless steel tig welds in one simple action.

Can I use the FinitEasy on aluminium or brass?
Most definitely. The unitised products work just as well. If you like the GA8 disc on a stainless tig weld then just drop down a grade or 2 to maintain control and ensure a great quality finish.

Use the Cibo FinitEasy with…
– SA or MA unitised discs to remove tig welds in corners and to satin finish or mirror polish in two or three steps
– Cutting and grinding discs where you need access in difficult to reach areas
– Felt and cotton mops for mirror polishing
– Cibo Time Saving Kits set 2,3,5 or 6 for a complete process.


Fillet Weld Grinder (FinitEasy)

Kit Machine

Machine Only

Power supply

110 volt

Speed range:  1000-4300 rpm

Vibration Data:
We can only give base test data for any of our machines as the data will vary dependent upon the grade and density of the wheels used on the machine and also upon the speed at which the machine is operated.
FinitEasy - 1.92 m/s2

Shipping weight: 11Kg 28 x 19 x 65cm

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