Garboli LT Tube Sanding Polishing and Flow Wrapping Production Line

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Sand, polish & wrap tubes from 12 to 219mm diameter

Automatic Sanding, Polishing & Flow Wrapping Line for Stainless Steel, Brass & Aluminium Tube

The LT series multi-head tube polishing production line .  With options for finishing, pre-polishing and mirror polishing tube.  Following initial set up the line can be fully automated to polish and wrap finished tube via the programmable touch screen control centre.


The in feed bundle collection point creates a continuous tube feed to the multi head sanding and polishing stations.  The tube is then polished through the sanding heads.  It is important to note that the sanding heads can be set to specific tube diameter and abrasive belt speed to ensure optimum finishing.  Options include wet and dry sanding and also mirror polishing heads.  The controlled outfeed leads directly to the flow wrapper ready for off-loading.

At the heart of each sanding head is a powerful rotating disc through which the tube is passed.  Mounted onto each disc head is a pair of abrasive belts powered by a 7.5Kw motor.  Belt speed is controlled to optimise sanding and finishing.  The fully automated  sanding head is brought into action as the tubes enter sanding zone ensuring a consistent high quality finish.  This simple construct allows for the tube to be moved at a controlled speed through the production line.

Standard Options

The LT series tube polishing production lines are bespoke built to customer need and can be optimised for specific product requirements.  Standard  options include:

  • Variable speed control for both feed rate and individual sanding heads.
  • Both wet or dry dust extraction systems.
  • Self-centering option for tapered tubes.
  • Bespoke build.  Garboli can make many options from fully automatic feed in and loading tables to simple through feed roller options.
  • Wet or dry processing options for the abrasive belts
  • Mirror polishing heads for commercial mirror polished finish.
  • Wave or straight edge abrasive belt construction to ensure the perfect finish every time.

A typical satin polished tube process may be achieved with a twin head system.  A commercial mirror finish might require a 4 head system dependent on original tube feed stock.


Production Speed:
  • 0.5m to 8m/min dependent on finish requirement
Tube Specification:
  • 20mm to 219mm diameter
  • 1000mm to 6m length
Abrasive belt size:
  • LT130      2000 x 120mm
  • LT200     1500 x 90mm
Tube Feed Rollers:
  • Supplied as standard with one set of powered in-feed and out-feed rollers to fit most popular tube diameters.
Motor Specifications:
  • Planetary Disc Motor = 2.2Kw
  • Abrasive Belt Motor = 7.50Kw
  • Tube Drive Motor = 0.80Kw
  • Voltage = 400v, 50Hz
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