Stitched and Loose Cotton Mops

We stock a wide range of traditional polishing mops for use on the tapered thread adaptations of spindle polishers, bench grinders and also drills.

  • Sisal Mops:  Most aggressive.  Use for cutting and pre-polishing
  • Stitched Cotton Mops:  General purpose polishing.
  • Loose Cotton:  Finer, brighter polishing
  • Swansdown Mops:  Super fine highest quality polishing  


For polishing mops to fit on an M14 thread or keyway shaft, check the Flap Wheels, Brushes section for the relevant fixing system.

Polishing compounds to use with the mops can be found here.

Stitched and Loose Cotton Mops

Stitched and Loose Cotton Mops FAQs