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Beltit Powerfiles - 110v

Control is particularly beneficial when working on stainless steel or aluminium, whether you are grinding, finishing or polishing.  Reducing speed will also remove heat from the grinding process, which will increase abrasive belt life and reduce the risk of damaging the workpiece.

This can be done very quickly. Simply pop the belt off, loosen the locking nut, drop in the replacement arm and tighten the machine up.

When you are first setting up your Beltit belt file, you may need to track the belts, but that is a simple process.  There is a small adjustment wheel at the base of the arm.  Whilst the machine is turned off, move the belt by hand to see if it ‘runs true’ on the contact wheel.  If it moves along the wheel to the left or right, then make a quarter turn adjustment and check again. Tracking is rarely needed once the machine is up and running.

This is a simple method of increasing the flexibility of your purchase. If you are grinding in a fillet weld, then a narrow belt is needed.  If you are polishing a flat surface in a channel, then a better finish will be achieved with a wider belt.