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01 December, 2017

Ceramic Flap Discs: The Future Is Here

Ceramic flap discs are the future. 25 years ago Zirconia flap discs were a premium product, now they are a price driven product. Take back control, premium ceramic flap discs give you 3x longer life than a premium zirconia disc, faster, cooler cutting performing on stainless and mild steel.

Our new FHCC ceramic flap discs will outlast a high quality zirconia grit flap disc whilst giving the same high aggression and great performance as ceramic flap discs which are currently out there.

Once you take into consideration the reduced labour costs of using the new ceramic flap disc, the savings really do start to show.

FHCC Ceramic Flap Disc on Mild Steel


Tests between the FHCC flap disc and the top range zirconia disc illustrates the FHCC outperforming the zirconia disc in every aspect with over 20% increase in stock removal after 2.5 minutes and a lifetime which is estimated to be more than double that of the current top range zirconia disc. Over these predicted lifetimes, the stock removal with the ceramic flap disc is over 150% greater than the zirconia flap disc. Outstanding, right?

FHCC Ceramic Flap disc

Obviously, when we got our hands on the new ceramic discs, we couldn’t wait to have a play and do our own testing.

As the table above shows, the zirconia disc competes pretty well with the FHCC, right up until the 20 minute mark. After that it dies. Our new FHCC showed no signs of wearing out and kept cutting and cutting, removing 480g of material in the testing period, whereas the zirconia disc only removed 330g.

Stainless Steel

Whilst the results on steel are conclusive, the FHCC continues to impress on stainless steel. In the same test as on steel, the numbers tell the story. In the 5-minute test, the FHCC disc removed almost 58% more stock than the zirconia flap disc.

Over the course of the lifetime of the disc, the FHCC excels, removing a huge 263% more stock over its life time than the zirconia.

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