How to Stop Sanding Discs from Clogging When Grinding Aluminium

Introducing The New ‘Alu Grind’ Dry Spray:  Spray ‘Alu Grind’ on Sanding Discs to Prevent Clogging Up When Grinding Aluminium

Spray ‘Alu GrindSpray 'Alu Grind' onto sanding disc to prevent clogging directly onto your abrasive sanding disc, give it a few seconds to dry off and then just work as normal.  No need for greasy, messy tallow just a longer disc life and no need to de-grease after grinding.

How Does AluGrind Work?

As soon as aluminium becomes hot an ‘orange peel’ effect can appear on the metal surface and the abrasive disc will begin to clog / load up with aluminium.  This vicious circle can cause the metal to get even hotter making the problem worse.  The result?  Poor abrasive disc life, a messy work surface and a longer grinding time.  ‘AluGrind‘ leaves a protective grinding film on the sanding disc to act as a coolant and as a lubricant to prevent the aluminium getting too hot.

AluGrind will give:

  • Longer disc life
  • Reduced working time
  • A cleaner working area and a better looking job.
How Much Longer Will Sanding DiscsAlu Grind prevent sanding discs clogging when grinding aluminium Last?

In laboratory controlled trials our FX premium ceramic abrasive discs showed more than a 50% improvement in life along with a much faster cut rate whilst our K3K zirconia sanding discs had a hugely increased disc life – a 300% improvement!!

What is Happening?

Many premium sanding discs contain additional ‘grinding aids’ to enable a cooler cut and to prevent the disc from clogging.  The problem is that a pre-applied coating can only prevent clogging for so long.  Simply by spraying ‘AluGrind‘ onto the disc surface you are re-applying the anti-load’ grinding aids directly to your disc surface giving the control back to you.

Spray ‘AluGrind‘ on the surface of the sanding disc as soon as you see any signs of heat build up to keep the aluminium cool and extend your disc life time and time again.

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