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02 December, 2016

Friday Training – Restoring a Satin Finish on Sheet Stainless Steel

Friday Training this week was focused on satin finishing a section of damaged stainless steel and restoring it to the original 240 grit abrasive finish.

To begin the process, we fitted the inflatable wheel from the Finimaster Pro with the 337 DC Trizact A300 belt. The 337DC belt provides consistent cut across the stainless steel, re-grains the metal to the original 240 grit finish and gives an exceptional belt life.

Step 1:  The 5″ diameter inflatable wheel on the Finimaster Pro means that the wheel has a good, wide ‘footprint’ which ensures a smooth ‘chatter free’ and consistent finish.  The grain finish achieved from the 337DC belt was good and consistent but needs to be blended a little more consistently for the final finish.

Step 2:  After the Trizact belt we continued our process by attaching the FMTM 80 grit Tex wheel to our Finimaster Pro.  A simple quick process which ensures a smooth and consistent blended finish (tip – work at light pressure and quickly to prevent cutting too deeply into the 337DC grain finish).

In the photos below, you can see the affect that these Finimaster Pro has had on the sheet we are restoring:

Before                                                           After the FMTM P80 Tex wheel

Stainless Steel sheet before Finimaster basic        stainless steel sheet after trizact belt and tex wheel processes

Finally, we finished off our process by applying the Inoxi-Clean spray to remove the workpiece of any final bits of dirt and impurities.  The Inoxiclean (SPIC) leaves a wax protected film as an added protection layer.

Background:  Why Finimaster Pro?

The Finimaster series of satin finishing or ‘drum sanding’ machines were first developed by Cibo around 20 years ago.  Originally called the FMSUPRO, the Finimaster range was re-developed more recently to create the Finimaster Basic and the Finimaster Pro.  The biggest difference between the two machines is the wheel diameter.  The original 4″ / 100mm diameter wheels worked well but it can sometimes be diffcult to create a consistent finish with creating the chatter or bounce marks from the wheel.  Going to a 5″ inflatable wheel solved all those problems and from the Finimaster Pro has gone on from strnegth to strength.

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