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Abrasives Basics
23 February, 2016

Cibo Ceramics: The Answer to Life the Universe and Everything?

Abrasive Technology continues to move on.  As the new Cibo Ceramic abrasive range give the power of premium performance for the metal fabricator on a wide range of metals; now premium performance becomes a matter of simplicity. 

Next Generation Abrasives

First generation ceramic abrasives always performed well in high pressure applications on heavy machinery but they failed to work in lower pressure operations where the abrasive grit didn’t fracture at the required rate.  With the unique microcrystalline structure in the new Cibo ceramics everything is different.  The engineered ceramic abrasive crystals will now fracture under a range of pressure conditions making it suitable for use on a wide range of metals including Titanium, Stainless Steel, Steel and even Aluminium.

Grinding Stainless SteelFMCMC/60/12050

That you should use the Cibo Abrasives FX fibre discs for most common sanding operations is now accepted practice.  But ceramic abrasives in a combination brush for grain finishing?  Welcome to the new Finimaster combination brushes.  The aggression of belt grinding, the finish of a combi brush in one action.  And now available in spindle mounted form with additional cut capability.

Removing Tubular Steel Mig Welds

RCD Ultra grinding mig welds on steel hand rails

Commonly mig welds are ground with a 36 grit sanding disc or a 40 grit flap disc.  Then an orbital sander (or a finer disc) is used to remove some of the damage and prepare for powder coating or painting.  The finish is normally acceptable to the customer but often grind lines and flat spots can be seen in the finished work.

Enter the new ceramic RCD Ultra.  High performance ceramic abrasive and a heavy duty surface conditioning blend together to remove material, shape the tube and create a high quality finish in one action.

Need to grind Mig welded fillets?  Check out the  brand new Cibo RAF fillet grinding discs.

Shaping and Finishing Aluminium Ceramic abrasive 40 grit flap discs

The issue with aluminium is often too much heat or ‘over-grinding’ and leaving flat spots behind so traditional sanding and flap discs have never worked well.  Dedicated aluminium grinding discs have been the disc of choice in the foundry for fettling and shaping aluminium on high cycle air tools.  Not any more.  A major aluminium foundry in the midlands of the UK trialled our FTC, 7″ 40 grit ceramic flap discs.  The result:  Grinding time reduced by 1/3, finish quality signifcantly improved, hand arm vibration significantly reduced.

Or if you need a bit of flexibility the Cibo ceramics FOV flap discs give grinding power with a soft edge action.

Also available in…

Ceramic abrasive flap wheels – no problem,Ceramic abrasive belts with a wave edge - FX87 zirconia spirabands not doing it for you?  Try the new Cibo ceramics range of spirabands.  And not forgetting the FX87 ceramic belt range where high performance grinding, cutting and finishing are required.

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