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31 October, 2016

Using A Grinding Disc For Weld Preparation?

Grinding discs chewing the edge and failing to ftpm ceramic flap discgive a clean edge ‘prep’ for welding?  The result: excessive wire use and untidy welds.  Our Friday training this week looked at three options for grinding a weld prep on the edge of 8mm thick steel.


Option 1:  K3K 36 5” 125mm (with FIH Backing Pad) – To increase disc performance we used the FIH (air cooled) back up pads.  A softer back up pad would only increase heat generation due to the excess pressure required to grind the edge.

Outcome – A good inital cut, a great finish but short lifetime of discs.  We tried this disc for around 30 seconds and you can clearly see the difference in the before and after shots of the disc.

Before                                 After

K3K 125mm P36 Before

K3K 125mm P36 After


Option 2:  SLIN 125 Grinding Disc – A traditional premium quality weld prep grinding disc.  Left a rough, uneven edge which would often need to beSLIN 125 Grinding Disc followed with a zirconia flap disc to dress out any ‘chew’ marks and leave an edge suitable for mig welding; a time consuming process that has the added disadvantage of high vibration readings when compared to other products.

Outcome – The grinding disc would on occasion dig in deeply into the edge leaving an uneven surface which would create additional problems when welding.  A poor finish, clearly not as good as the sanding or flap discs trialed.

Option 3:  Ceramic FTPM 5” 125mm disc – A plastic backed disc with cooling fins built into the disc and a threaded locking system (no locking nut needed).

ceramic ftpm disc

Ceramic FTFM 125mm Disc

Outcome – Fast stock removal, a clean, smooth edge and low vibration make the Cibo Abrasives P40 grit ceramic flap discs disc excellent for weld prep grinding.

In our own in-house testing it is very clear that the new Cibo ceramic flap discs seriously outperform traditional grinding discs when weld prep grinding.  Faster, smoother, cooler and with lower vibration and as our customers tell us, reality in the workshop is no different.

Buy a Cibo Abrasives Ceramic Flap Disc To Fit Your Machine:

Machine                                   Suitable Discs

115mm / 4 1/2″ grinder            FTC/40/115           Conical faced disc

                                                 FTF/40/115              Flat faced disc

125mm / 5″ grinder                 FTPM/40/125        Flat face disc with cooling fins and self locking

                                                FTC/40/125              Conical faced disc

                                                FTF/40/125               Flat faced disc

180mm / 7″ grinder                 FTC/40/180           Conical faced disc


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